DJ Waldow

Writer and Marketer in Sacramento, CA

DJ Waldow

Writer and Marketer in Sacramento, CA

Marketer. Writer. Content Creator. Creative. Passionate. Human. University of Michigan Alumni. MBA. LinkedIn


I help companies and brands produce valuable content and touchpoints for their own marketing as well as their clients and customers.


I'm looking for full or part-time work, in-office or remote, or any combination of the aforementioned.

I've spent the past two decades creating content — blog posts, articles, email marketing and landing page copy, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. If it has words, it's my jam.

I've built a few websites — Mariemont PTA (Wordpress) and Wenke Construction (Squarespace).

I've launched and hosted a few podcasts:

🎙The Work Talk Show (101 episodes)

🎙Living Your Passion (50 episodes)

🎙Marketo’s Marketing Nation (26 episodes)

🎙gDiapers’ It Takes a Village to Raise a Parent (20 episodes)

I've given several 🗣 keynote presentations.

I published a book📚!

I've written a few things. Here are a few of my "greatest hits":

Why Most Meetings Suck (and how to make them AWESOME): Catchy headline, practical advice, peppered with personal/humor.

The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received: Short and to the point. A topic that all professionals can relate to.

✍ Email Subject Lines Matter: Practical advice about email subject lines.

✍ How I Process LinkedIn Requests — how I … well … process LinkedIn Requests. Ha!

✍ Don’t Let LinkedIn Take the Human Out of You — discussing how to be more human using LinkedIn

✍ 17 Email Marketing Terms Every Business Should Know

Zignal Labs Flipbook – Staying Ahead in Employer Branding & Recruiting: Longer-form content. Co-authored Flipbook (eBook). The tone is light, yet professional.


In late 2018 I co-founded Simple Summers, the stress-free website for parents and caregivers to find the best summer camps for their children in the Sacramento area.


I'm more than happy to write something for you for *free* — to see if my style matches your needs. Click the "get in touch" button above or fill out the contact form below.


  • Education
    • University of Michigan (BBA)
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MBA)
    • St. John Fisher College (Masters of Education)
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